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A podcast about creating your own role-playing game, wargame and board game rules hosted by Tom Barbalet.

19. Introduction to Noble Warfare [April 14, 2019]
  A lead pile update and Tom introduces his simulation, Noble Warfare. [ MP3 | link ]

18. Turn This Thing Around [March 31, 2019]
  A very nice chat with Chris Abbott prefaced on getting out more lead to listeners. [ MP3 | link ]

17. Drowning in Lead [March 29, 2019]
  Tom talks about unpainted lead and trying to tame this phenomenon. The listeners can take some of this lead off Tom's hands. Tom also talks about problems with the Just Plain Chaos rules update and painters. [ MP3 | link ]

16. Patriarchy, London, Questions and the American Civil War in Winter [March 5, 2019]
  Tom chats with Mathew Gibson about women in roleplaying. Going to be in London at the end of August? So is Tom. Questions from listener Mike King. Some future updates based on discovered miniatures. [ MP3 | link ]

15. The Very Best Of Experiences and Goblin Raiding Parties [January 27, 2019]
  Tom asks about the importance of GM Mathew's son's game. Mathew starts talking about his early experiences playing and why he doesn't want his son to have the same experiences. They discuss what the experiences are of the players and what the mentoring older GM role should be here. Mathew gives an elevator pitch on his card game. They discuss cooperative gaming and political based games although Mathew and Tom may have different ideas on diplomacy. [ MP3 | link ]

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